Tuesday, March 20, 2012

Why are we so bad at this?!

Stephen and I aren't ugly people by any means. And I would say we have relatively healthy self-esteems. And yet, for some reason, we rarely if ever take pictures to document the events in our lives.

Some people have a natural ability to take cute, candid pictures of Christmas, birthdays, outings and even hanging out at home.

We do not.

I think we have all of two pictures from Christmas. We realized that this was an issue for us, so we are really trying hard to document our lives! On our trip to Tuscon recently (which I haven't written about and probably won't... Just know it was the best four days of my life and consisted mainly of eating, walking around, going to Tombstone, a rodeo and just enjoying being right next to my husband.) we tried really really hard to get pictures.

Well, even though I had charged the stupid thing, the camera was dead. Thankfully we have camera's on our phones! We tried pretty hard to get pictures. And I mean really hard. I think we ended up with a good seven pictures for four days of being in a beautiful area, an awesome cowboy town and all of that.

At Stephen's First Rodeo!
So, it is a goal of ours to try and actually get pictures from our adventures.

And you know the ironic part of all of this? I have this awesome book that I started writing in two weeks after I started dating Stephen. I have pictures from the second time we hung out, the movie ticket stub from the day he asked me to be his girlfriend, a program from the Greek festival, ticket stubs from various movies and events we've attended and whatever pictures we have managed to take. I absolutely love this book. it would be the first thing I would grab in a fire. I want to show it to my children. I LOVE that thing.

So now I just need to take more pictures to put in there so that, some day, my kids can look at my hair styles and ask, "Mom! Why would you ever do your hair like that?!"

Anyone have any ideas on how to be better about picture taking?


  1. I'm a picture whore. You probably already know that about me. I think it's because, of all three of us (my siblings and me), my mom took the fewest amount of pictures of me as a baby. She claims she "was poor and didn't have a camera", but I'm pretty sure she's just trying to make me feel better. Anyway, I have always loved looking at pictures of my mom when she was little and my grandparents when they were young. I think everyone was beautiful in the 30's and 40's. And I've always thought "How sad would it be if there were no pictures for my children and grandchildren to look at and see was life was like for us when we were young??" And that is always stuck in the back of my mind. So I take a gazillion pictures of everything and everyone.

  2. You are an amazing photographer!!!!!! After all, you took my bridals and they look amazing! Of course if you're talking about just taking normal pictures, I'd just keep practicing and take several pictures at time-no matter how crazy that sounds. Coming from a mom who takes dozens of pictures of Emily at one time just to get the right one, it may take a whole batch of pictures just to get the right one. Photographers for models do it too so why not? The best thing you can do is just to take pictures at all, regardless of how you think they'll look 'cause later you'll be grateful you had any pictures at all :) Good luck! You can always keep experimenting with several options but the good news is you have an amazing talent for photography that shouldn't be hid :)