Monday, June 9, 2014

Looking Up

After yesterday's rant I feel much better.

I'm still not stoked to be here, but I am feeling better.

The crazy monsoon we had last night might have something to do with it. It really cooled everything down. So instead of being ridiculously hot, it is bearably hot. Thank heavens.

Besides rolling power outages (because of the storm) its been pretty good. Oh, and I found out I have an infection in my finger. The one I cut last week? I lost feeling to the top part of it, and the entire finger is swollen. I go into the doctor's office for a shot and a special dressing and they are going to try and drain the infection. I keep on having nightmares of like losing my finger or something. But that is just a little dramatic. I'm sure it'll be fine.

You know one of the hardest things for me not to do? Love on all the dogs. I know they are dirty and gross and disgusting, but some of them are so adorably sweet. There is one that stays around our apartment. During monsoons we let it on the front porch to sleep so it doesn't get wet. It is really the sweetest thing. People named her Josephine before we got here. I've shortened it to Josie. And man do I want to love all of Josie and bring her home (I won't mom. I promise. Kinda.)

So far Stephen has really made a good impression on everyone. As always. The people love him here. The students also love him. He is making connections with people in the village where he is doing studies, and they have just welcomed him in. It doesn't matter where we go, people love him.

The other day he was learning to play cricket with the local kids. It was adorable to watch. He has adjusted pretty well. Besides the infernal heat, which would turn any saint into a swearing sinner.

We are starting to make India a little more homelike. A little less foreign.

The people here have been so sweet and kind. Last week we were invited as guests of honor to go to a dance performance. The dancing was awesome. They had us go in the VIP entrance. There was a camera crew snapping pictures and broadcasting our arrival to local news stations. And after the dance, they had us come up on stage to receive awards. We all joke that they were awards for staying through the many boring speeches that happened after the dance portion of the night.

So things are looking up. Which is good. Because it was pretty bleak there. Still is sometimes. But this is a once in a lifetime experience. So it will all be ok! Thanks for listening guys.

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