Tuesday, June 17, 2014

India and the World Cup

India has been a very strange ride. I can't quite call it an adventure yet. I have tried and quit yoga classes because they were just... not right. And Stephen has made progress on his study. We've learned more about Visak. We have been shopping. We have gone to the movie theater. We discovered dominos pizza (greatest thing ever).

But I have continued to struggle here. I am trying a lot harder to find the positive, to be happy and find things I like. It hasn’t been the greatest experience for me. I don’t know if it is the heat or what, but I feel like India has just worked me over on all of my weaknesses.

However, things are looking up. I am finding more purpose and joy in my life. I am making friends with the other students. And I think everything is going to just turn around here. Slowly but surely.

Lately, we have all been excited by the World Cup. And by we, I mean Stephen. Because… I like soccer. A lot. But right now, I am just not all that excited about it. (However, I do enjoy looking at the men playing soccer. Many of them are just beautiful to look at.)

Due to the time difference, we all woke up (all of the students) and watched the USA vs Ghana at 3:30 am. Truth be told, I dozed lightly through it. I wasn’t ever really asleep, but I wasn’t really paying attention either. Stephen really liked the game. He has been watching as many games as possible when it comes to the whole World Cup thing. So that has been fun.

Other than that, we haven’t really had a whole lot going on that is more than just regular days working and surviving the heat. This is one of the hottest summers on record here. Which is just… depressing. Really, really depressing.

We are surviving though! And turning this into an adventure.

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