Sunday, June 22, 2014

Fishies, Cows, Pizza and More

All continues hot and humid here in India. Though it is starting to cool down a little bit. That is a huge relief. We moved our bed into the front room (we were trying not to since there are no curtains. We are on the second floor, but neighbors walk by) but we got so hot we were desperate. It was beautiful. It even got coldish. Coldish enough to snuggle. Which is a big deal guys. 
Just outside our house

This was before the fishies. I have a video
but it won't upload cause I have slow internet
This week we went and got a fish pedicure. It was so freaky! Fish were eating my feet! But it was still awesome. It was the weirdest feeling though. We also went to a movie. We say How to Train Your Dragon 2 and Edge of Tomorrow (both were great!). 

There is an american family here for a few months. The dad oversees the tech part of a company and was checking on things here and brought the family along. She is 5 months pregnant (and BRAVE). They invited us over for dinner and we had american food and I just about cried. They are so generous and kind and open. Reminds me of our family.

I've also had some run-ins with some cows. One cow followed me down the street while I was heading down the street. I don't know if it wanted to be milked or petted or what. It had horns. I wasn't going to mess with the cow. 

I felt like I had adjusted to the culture, until some kids walked by our front door, saw us in the living room, opened the door and just walked in. Into MY space. Our little apartment is like a refuge away from India, and suddenly India was in my living room/bedroom. I like kids. I really do. A lot. But these kids... they were trying to be friendly and kind and curious. But I just couldn't have it. Boundaries must be set. Even if it means ushering them out of the living room over and over and finally locking the door. Kids. Sheesh.

It was one of the student's birthdays this week. We had a fun day of dominoes pizza and hanging out. The best part was the Flying Spaghetti Monster. Great italian food! We are definitely going back. 

The Mall with the Dominoes and the Movie Theater!
I also witnessed a baby shower at church. It is tradition to put as many bangles on the pregnant lady as possible. For happiness, I was told. Then they did a hindu blessing on her stomach, tied a scarf around her, threw confetti at here and made her eat cake from their hands. It was... overwhelming. And loud. And very strange. I personally will choose an American baby shower. Though cake is welcome (I just want to eat it myself!)

I feel like Stephen and I are adjusting and making the best of India! He has been a great support when I break down or want to give up. I am so grateful for the many people that are here with me. I am making good friends and it is all going up and up.

Anyone have questions about how we live here? Or anything about India? Just ask in the comment section below!

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