Thursday, November 10, 2011

She Displaced Santa in My Top 5 Favorite People!

I am currently in the process of procrastinating writing my senior thesis. So far I have gone visiting teaching, made a toaster strudel, and played on facebook. Now I am considering changing the water for my roses (they are looking all wilted and sad). The truth is... I just don't want to do it. And, I feel overwhelmed. So I do that terrible, awful thing that I do when I am overwhelmed: nothing.

You heard me. Nothing.


However, I am going to write this beast of a paper, and I am going to write it well! Especially since I have fun plans tonight. Bother. I don't want to be responsible any more. You know what? I am going to refuse to be responsible on my birthday. Perfect!

Ha. Take that world :)

Ok, so something that is actually semi-useful. Last night my dearest Peggie and I discovered the most amazing, stupendous, life-altering, mind-blowing yoga DVD in the universe. I am not kidding here people. AH-maZING!

The lady who instructs the DVD is named Ashley Turner. She is now ranking in my top 5 favorite people. (She displaced Santa, just in case you were wondering. She is that incredible.) I have done many varieties of yoga. I have done yoga with Suzanne Deason, Rodney Yee and others. As well as taking live classes. No one has even come close to Ashley Turner.

You don't just get a workout, you get an uplifting 50 minutes of recognizing how wonderful you are, eliminating harmful habits and envisioning your goals for both weight loss and life.

EVERYONE needs to at least LISTEN to this DVD at least once in their lives. I am not kidding. Don't be offended if you end up getting one as a Christmas gift.

Well... ok. I'll stop procrastinating and get to work now. * Sigh *

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  1. Man that procrastination sure is easy! Best of luck to you in your thesis! You can do it! You are an amazing writer! love ya!