Tuesday, May 29, 2012

Baby Thrifting!

From Sweet Chelsea a word on Thrifting for your kids!

I was all set to write this blog about something else and then I realized that my inspiration was sitting right in front of me!


Baby clothes are so expensive and they only wear them for a month or so! I have found some amazing things for my son. Granted, he is cute and will look cute in just about anything. I have found a few places to get some very cute outfits for a great deal.

Burlington Coat Factory is a great place to shop for amazing baby items, maternity, and bonus: post baby lovin! :)

(Whole outfit: Burlington Coat Factory $10)

(Hat: Burlington Coat Factory $3)
(Shirt & Shorts: Walmart $6.94)
(Cuteness: Priceless)

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