Friday, May 25, 2012

A lesson well learned

In my extensive years as a gourmet cook.

Let's try that again.


In my many years of trying to be domestic.


So, we all know that I've been trying this whole cooking thing. (Y'all know that. Right?) Well here is something I have learned that will not change your life. It probably won't rock your world. But it is good to know nevertheless.

So, here it is.

So Stephen and I went out and did errands today. We got home late, so I decided to do something quick for dinner. The answer, ravioli!

However, the water wasn't boiling fast enough (the whole watched pot thing...) So I resorted to what every home should have: an well otter pop stocked freezer.

So I was eating my popsicle when it came time to taste the spaghetti sauce. Only problem was, my popsicle was pink.

Why was this a problem? Well, for one it was a popsicle. My mouth was all cold. My poor tastebuds were frozen! I couldn't really taste much. And when I did, it tasted like pink otter pop.

Pink otter pop and spagetti sauce do not mix. At all.


So the lesson learned: maybe go with a different popsicle flavor when trying to stave off hunger. Or just don't mix popsicles with Italian food.

Dinner did taste pretty great though. Gotta love me som ravioli!

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  1. lol; that's an awesome story! Love the humor in your life! It's great to hear!