Thursday, September 11, 2014

Wrong Side of the Bed

This morning has been all kinds of wrong side of the beddish. No reason, really. That is the whole point of a "wrong side of the bed" morning. You wake up, and everything feels off. Nothing feels quite right. You can't put your finger on the source of that deep-down grumpy feeling. It just is.

This doesn't mean that the whole day is down the pooper. Or that good things can't be found. It just means that everything feels a little off kilter. That being out of bread isn't just an inconvenience, but a big deal. Because you woke up on the very wrong side of the bed.

I did my best to combat the feeling. You know, easy morning. Headband in the hair. Wearing one of my husband's shirt and my most comfiest jeans. After getting ready and staring at the toaster that had no bread, I went in to say goodbye to my sleeping husband. And ended up snuggled beneath the covers with him. His arms circling me and nose nuzzling my neck. He whispered words of encouragement, but still let me be grumpy. Which is important. Forcing someone to be in a good mood always back fires. At least in my case.

And so, after a few minutes of stolen morning cuddles, I marched myself to work. The only thing I could find for breakfast was a cupcake. Which, to some, might seem wonderful. But to me just felt tragic. What was my world coming to if I was eating a cupcake for breakfast?! For the love of Gatsby!

But I survived eating a delicious chocolate-peanut butter cupcake, made lovingly by my sweet sister Julianne a few days before. And I survived listening to my favorite morning radio show. And I even survived going through my morning emails. My day is looking up. The worst has already happened, you see. What could be worse than love piled on love all showered on me?

And now you see the irony, don't you? And the beauty maybe. That in my wildly wonderful, perfectly imperfect life, I have so much and yet I still can have a bad day. And that is ok. Because it is a human thing. And I am very human. I am human enough to scowl at a cupcake, and human enough to laugh at myself about it later.

P.S. - I know that I have all kinds of catching up to do, the end of India to document. Our return to elaborate upon. And I shall. All in due time lovelies. 

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